The Maverick Meerkat is loose!

Maverick Meerkat was released on 10-10-2010

It took me a while to get around to upgrading Ubuntu to version 10.10, nicknamed Maverick Meerkat. The update went without too many difficulties, the only irritation being that the mouse stopped functioning for much of the installation process which meant setup dialogs had to be navigated with the keyboard – but the mouse worked fine again upon the restart. There doesn’t seem to be too much difference in functionality, but the new Ubuntu Font Family are very likeable.

Encroaching Shadows

There was one major striking problem from the start though. For some reason all menus and windows seemed to be shrouded in shadows, as if they had a z-index which wrongly put the shadow on top of the panel instead of underneath. I couldn’t find any similar tales online, so perhaps this is unusual. It would have been completely impossible to work with it how it was, but fortunately I have managed to dispel the shadows. So, what was the solution? Well… I’m not too sure. For some reason, modifying my window buttons (as described in the post about Lucid Lynx), resulted in the shadows immediately disappearing. I have attempted to recreate the situation, but I have no idea what the problem was, nor what specifically was the solution. But, if you have the same problem, then maybe twiddling the window button layout will help for you too!

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