Lucid Lynx button positions

The new Ubuntu Lucid Lynx has been released, hurrah! My upgrade went smoothly and everything seems to be working nicely. There is however one minor thing that will strike you pretty quickly if you make the step. They’ve gone all Mac OS on us and by default the window buttons have been moved to the left of the title bar. I’m sure there are some very good reasons for this, but I’m not keen.

Thankfully it is quite simple to return it back to something sensible. Here’s what you do:

  1. Press Alt-F2 (or open a terminal window).
  2. Type ‘gconf-editor‘ and hit enter. The Configuration Editor will open.
  3. In the directory tree on the left, go to apps > metacity > general.
  4. Find the ‘button_layout‘ key, which will have a value of something like “close,minimize,maximize:
  5. Edit the key. To move the buttons to the right, you simply have to reposition the colon. However, you probably also want to move the close button to be the right-most button. So, replace the value with: “:minimize,maximize,close“. Or, I prefer to use “menu:minimize,maximize,close”, which puts a menu button on the left, with the rest of the buttons on the right.
  6. The buttons will update instantly.
  7. Close the Configuration Editor, using the close button now back on the right.
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