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Create heat maps with JHeatChart 0.5

I’ve just released version 0.5 of JHeatChart, my little heat map Java API. New in 0.5 Added support for both horizontal and vertical axis values for both x and y axis. Changed chart dimensions to be calculated more reliably from

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JHeatChart: heat map charting for Java

More than once over the last couple of years, my research has required me to be able to visualise 3-dimensions of data in a way that is achieved perfectly by a heat map. The most convenient approach is if I

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Eclipse search – a force for good! (and line counting)

There are tons of excellent plugins for profiling code in eclipse. But that’s probably a bit heavyweight if all you’re after is a crude idea of how many lines of code you’ve written. Obviously you could just turn on line

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Generating Javadoc with Eclipse

Whenever you prepare a release of a Java project, it’s a good idea to create some Javadoc documentation to accompany it. This is especially true for an open source project. Generating Javadoc with the Eclipse IDE really couldn’t be much

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