Hooks and Stats, announcing EpochX 1.3

EpochX genetic programming software

EpochX is a Java framework for genetic programming

I have just released version 1.3 of EpochX, a Java based genetic programming framework built specifically for researchers working with genetic programming. Significant additions in version 1.3 include a hooks system which allows the dynamic modification of the population and programs mid-execution and an expanded set of statistics that can be obtained live while the run proceeds. There are a whole swathe of other improvements and bugfixes too.

The documentation for EpochX is also expanding as well. The first half of the Complete Guide documentation has now been published to the website.

Downloads and documentation are all available from www.epochx.org.

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2 comments on “Hooks and Stats, announcing EpochX 1.3
  1. Hi,

    Just had a cursory look at EpocX. Something which popped in to my head was that if this was done in C++, rather than writing a grammer which is parsed, users could write templated functions.

    Just googling, Generics seems to provide something similar (ish) in Java.

    Just wondering of that would provide a more rich ability to define the evolution and er.. mutation. (forget the correct terms).

    Anyway, looks good!

    Got any example programs, perhaps a video?


    • Tom Castle says:

      I’m not very familiar with templated functions, but generics in Java certainly aren’t sufficient to describe a language. Templated functions seem to be more substantial, but grammars do quite a good job of constraining the syntax. We can also dynamically change the grammar while running which I suspect wouldn’t be possible with other approaches.

      There are lots of example models for problems that are frequently used for testing genetic programming included in the download. A couple of simple examples are also described in the Quickstart guide. Some videos would be nice, perhaps I’ll think about discovering my radio voice!

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