A new face for EpochX.org

XGE is a serious research tool for grammatical evolution


If you haven’t already heard – EpochX is an amazing new research tool for evolving computer programs using genetic programming. But then I would say that – I helped write it :). For information about EpochX you should see the website, which as it so happens is what this post is all about.



I have just launched the redesigned EpochX website at http://www.epochx.org. The new website is generally clearer and easier to use, it also incorporates the new branding imagery. There is also a discussion group available which will hopefully provide an avenue for questions, feedback and announcements. A sub-site is incorporated for XGE, the grammatical evolution version of the software. The XGE website is accessible directly at http://xge.epochx.org.

There is more work to be done on the website, particularly providing resources such as tutorials and indepth guides. These will come over time, and be published to the website when they’re completed, as will improvements to the code itself.

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